Maple Syrup Flavors in Two Wild Mushrooms

Lactarius helvus from "Handbook of British Fungi" by Cooke from Wikimedia Commons

(Updated 10/15/16: fixed broken links, removed two photos. 12/10/16: update on candy cap cheesecake)   Some time ago I heard about a mushroom that smells like maple syrup, and given my interest in fenugreek’s maple aroma (Fenugreek’s Flavors, When Fenugreek Leads to a False Diagnosis), I had to find out more. A quick search in […]

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Afternoon Tea in the Laboratory: Part 2

A few weeks ago, I reviewed an academic paper on tea brewing — how brewing technique and tea brand affect caffeine and dissolved solids levels. In that paper, the authors demonstrated that the highest level of dissolved solids (which correlates with flavor and possibly anti-oxidants) come from loose leaves or a well-agitated tea bag, and […]

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Okra Without the Slime

Inspired in part by Shuna of Eggbeater, I have been cooking okra since it started appearing at the Farmers’ Market in Berkeley Okra’s Oozing – Why Okra Makes Slime Okra is one of those “binary foods” where people seem to hate it or love it (also in this family are mushrooms, seaweed, and tofu). The […]

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