Recipe: Seed and Oat Cakes

Seed and Oat cakes - a gluten free healthy snack

(Updated 10/15/16 with new photo, 10/23/16 with new archival art) Back in February, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Food+Home section had a feature article about using seeds in the kitchen. Written by Amanda Gold, the article recommends looking at seeds as a healthy and tasty addition to your diet, in savory and sweet applications. Always looking […]

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Caramel-Coated Pecans with Cacao Nibs

I can be a bit of a mad scientist in the kitchen sometimes, trying variations of basic recipes. My latest experimentations focus on molten sugar, usually in combination with the excellent pecans from the Berkeley Farmers Market. I’ve tried various proportions of sugar, water, nuts and salt to coat pecans with the right amount of […]

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