Charting Lemon Curd Recipes

Chart of lemon curd ingredient distribution from 20 recipes

One of my favorite posts featured a set of chocolate chip cookie charts, which built on an idea from Megnut’s Mean Chocolate Chip Cookie post. For her “mean” post, Meg collected a bunch of chocolate chip cookie recipes, calculated the mean (average) for each ingredient to create a new recipes, and then baked cookies. Her […]

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Tracking Retail Cricket Powder Prices

Cricket flour price check, July 1, 2017

Updated July 1, 2017 with new price data. Updated August 30, 2017: 1) add price information from a post at Fast Company, 2) change “cricket flour” to “cricket powder,” a term that is more accurate and preferred in the industry (see, for example, this tweet from @ISFFInsects.) I have been following the field of entomophagy (insects […]

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How Much of an Orange is Edible?

(Updated, 3/15/17:  new chart) For the last few months, I have been weighing oranges before and after peeling to see what fraction of the orange is edible (by weight). I had done similar work previously to measure the edible percentage of avocados, finding that Haas avocados are roughly 70% edible by weight across a span of 125 […]

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