Not a Free Lunch, but a Good Deal: Comparing Crickets to Other Livestock

In “Crickets Are Not a Free Lunch: Protein Capture from Scalable Organic Side-Streams via High-Density Populations of Acheta domesticus,” the results clearly supported the “no free lunch” title: feeding “free” waste food or crop residues to domestic crickets leads to high mortality and low weight gain. A free lunch is great, of course, but wouldn’t […]

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Garbage In, Garbage Out: Low Quality Feed Produces Low Quality Crickets

Crickets are a hot ingredient for some sustainability advocates and start-ups. In marketing materials and other articles, you’ll see claims about how these “mini-livestock” are a low-impact food with enormous potential: they can eat almost anything, they don’t need much land, and so on (you’ll find plenty of examples in my two round-ups about insects […]

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Insects are a delectable topic for editors and bloggers

Entomophagy — the practice of eating insects* — seems to be quite a delectable topic for bloggers and editors of magazines and newspapers, with numerous mainstream publications featuring articles on the subject in recent months. Typically the articles follow a pattern that includes profiling someone that raises or cooks insects for human consumption, talking about […]

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