Kale, Bean, and Vegetable Soup

Kale, bean and vegetable soup

These days, kale’s most iconic role is in kale salad — one of this era’s hottest salad trends (though they were also making kale salads 100 years ago). Massaged with salt, dressed with a sharp dressing, tossed with all manner of vegetables, nuts, and other tasty items, it is often delicious and nearly always healthy […]

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Recipe: Squash Soup with Two Add-Ins

A basic squash soup can be delicious on its own, or with a simple garnish of brown butter, chopped sage, or crumbled cheese, to name a few garnishes.  But sometimes you might want a more complicated soup, or more than one flavor combinations for a party. One way to do this is to make a […]

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Wheat berry and mushroom soup

Wheat harvest at Eatwell Farm, June 2008 When nights are long and cold, I often crave mushroom-barley soup. Thick, richly flavored, nutritious and texturally interesting, yet relatively easy to make. Although barley is what I have used in the past, lately wheat berries have been my grain of choice. Wheat berries are the whole grain […]

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