Another Batch of Vintage Book Covers

"A Man's Man", book cover from the British Library

While browsing the amazing and often confounding Flickr Commons, I was entranced by a collection of late 19th century book covers from the British Library. The majority of the nearly 900 covers are “pulp novels,” but you’ll also find travel books, text books, and other miscellany. Last month I shared a batch of six vintage book covers, and this post has six more in the image gallery that have interesting art or a lurid title.  (Click any one of the images to expand the image and navigate through the collection.)


Image Credits
All book covers from the British Library’s Flickr Commons collection, in the Book Covers found by the community from the Mechanical Curator Collection. No known copyright restrictions.

The Cowboy Clan, or the Tigress of Texas
Dark Dashwood, the Desperate; or the Child of the Sun
Mad Tom’s Mission; or Crushing the Silver Scorpions
The Texas Tramp, or Solid Sam the Yankee Hercules
A Man’s Man
Cloven Hoof – The Demon Buffalo of the Border Vultures

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