Yogurt Making Updated

I have been making yogurt at home for more than five years, avoiding countless plastic containers and saving a good bit of money.  Over that time I have made some improvements to my process, such as switching from 1 quart canning jars to the Luminarc Working Glass (easier to use, easier to clean).  To account for […]

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Using Arduino in Bread Making at Home

Dough rising in Arduino-controlled proofing box

“Let rise at room temperature” is a common instruction in bread recipes, with “room temperature” being about 70 F (21.1 C)*. For various reasons, however, this temperature can be hard to find in my apartment in Berkeley, California, and so my bread doughs sometimes rise far too slowly. One day, I realized that my Arduino […]

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How Much of an Orange is Edible?

(Updated, 3/15/17:  new chart) For the last few months, I have been weighing oranges before and after peeling to see what fraction of the orange is edible (by weight). I had done similar work previously to measure the edible percentage of avocados, finding that Haas avocados are roughly 70% edible by weight across a span of 125 […]

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The Weigh Everything Project

When I make a 2-layer cake, a batch of dough that makes 2 loaves, or anything else that requires even division (like last night’s Tofu-Tofu Burgers from Elizabeth Andoh’s Kansha), I often have a moment of regret when I reach the division point.  “I wish I knew the weight of the bowl I’m using,” I […]

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The Home-Made Yogurt Routine

yogurt container pattern

(Major update, 4/2/17:  revised the instructions, added a diagram showing the basic steps.) My plastic container bin used to be loaded with 1-quart yogurt containers, and I felt packaging guilt whenever buying a new tub, even when it was local and organic. I knew that it wasn’t too hard to make yogurt at home — […]

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Another No Knead Bread

When Mark Bittman wrote about Jim Leahy’s “no knead bread” in the New York Times in 2006, it caused a frenzy in the blogosphere, leading to hundreds of posts about attempts to make the bread. I tried it myself and deemed it to be bimbo-esque: beautiful but shallow. I recently started baking another kind of […]

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