• Top (L to R): yam puff, pandan pancake with peanut filling, carrot cake (a Singaporean street classic)
  • Middle: khandvi (an Indian chaat dish), cheese murtabak, fresh bean curd
  • Bottom: char kway teaw (rice and egg noodles in dark sauce), dokla chaat, teh tarik

After the significant detour in the last post, it’s time to return to food. And what a return it will be: blogging from Singapore. This first post will be a few photos from the first days of my visit; later posts will provide more details on some of the unique or interesting foods I ate or saw (including the photos above).

Unfortunately, the first few days of my visit have included one of the worst episodes of air pollution in years. The cause is purposely-set forest fires in Indonesia (to clear rainforest for palm oil plantations, for example) and so the air here smelled of wood smoke (as it a campfire was following me) and had a somewhat Hadean look to it. Unpleasant, but certainly not bad enough to stay inside—there are hundreds of food places to visit, countless items to try!

Maxwell Road food center

Little India, decorated for Deepavali

Peranakan door with tile decoration

A few links on food in Singapore
From the New York Times (if the links are broken, try visiting the NYT travel section, as many travel articles never expire.):

From elsewhere:

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  1. Have fun eating your way through Singapore!! I was last there 10 years ago, so I can’t give much advice, but friends swear by the Makansutra guide you linked to. Besides the food, there are some great tea houses.

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