Intriguing Asian Signs

On my occasional trips to Asia, I really notice the commercial signs. Something about their bold and unfamiliar designs catches my attention. Or, more likely, my senses are heightened while traveling (and I always have my camera with me). It’s possible that the local signs are just as interesting, but I don’t notice them (one of these days I should bring my camera on a normal walk and see if anything is worth photographing).

Here are some of my favorites from my recent trips to Asia (in no particular order):

The Rochor Bean Curd mascot in Singapore.

Beancurd City in Singapore, near Little India.

A Kal guk su restaurant in Daejeon, South Korea. Kal guk su is a noodle soup.

A restaurant in Seoul, South Korea, in the Insadong district.

A restaurant in Seoul, South Korea, in the Insadong district.

The Coffee Boss (one of my favorite logos) looming above the Shimbashi train station in Tokyo.

The “Baby Hunt” store in Gongju, South Korea. I’m not sure if it is a fertility clinic, a very sick sport, or a branch of the Hunt clothing chain. (Probably that last one)

Cow and pig are friends. Restaurant sign in Daejeon, South Korea.

The “Big Feet Chinese Healing Centre” in Central Hong Kong.

The ABC Spicy Corner in Kuala Lumpur’s Little India.

A Nasi Kandar shop in central Kuala Lumpur.

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