It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s super-dosa !

Dosa Man statueSuper-dosa, as I’m calling it, stands outside of Komala’s vegetarian restaurant at the corner of Kitchner and Serangoon Roads in Singapore’s Little India (across the street from the Ferrar Park MRT stop).

The first time I saw it was 18 months ago, when I visited Singapore for two days during an extended Asian trip. But my eating schedule didn’t allow room for Komala’s, so on this latest visit, I made sure to write it into my schedule.

The restaurant is “McDonalds meets the South Indian menu.” It has many of the hallmarks of American fast-food: uniformed staff members (complete with baseball hat and name tag); a long, brightly lit menu board (focusing on South Indian cuisine); and even “combo meals.”I placed my order for the lunch special of the day and a masala chai, paid the bill (under 5 Singapore dollars), was given my receipt and directed to the service counter. The staff member over there wasn’t terribly helpful, but I eventually received a small plastic number to bring to a table. The special and tea arrived minutes later, fresh off the griddle.

value meals
The special of the day was “Navaratina Dosa”, nine miniature dosai the size of silver dollar pancakes (5 cm diameter) with nine different toppings: crunchy corn meal and spices; coconut; peas and spices; onion; cashews; red and green processed cherries; and two mystery savory toppings. Alongside was a tray of three chutneys (onion, mint, and coconut) and a small bowl of sambar. All in all, it was quite tasty, and just the right amount of food. The small size of the mini-dosai resulted in a pleasant density and nice crispness on the outside.

9 flavor uttapam
Super-dosa also makes deliveries, but unfortunately not to my neighborhood.

dosa man on motorcycle

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