Recipe: Southern Indian Carrot Salad

I bought a bunch of fresh curry leaves the other day and only used about one-tenth of the package to make a South Indian meal. Since then, I’ve been trying to use them up before they dry out too much or rot — fresh curry leaves are far superior to dried leaves (I’m not sure […]

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Curry Leaves

Murraya koenigii (curry leaf) tree

(Updated 10/2/2016:  fixed broken links)   The above photo of a Murraya koenigii (curry leaf) tree (taken at the Singapore Botanic Gardens) is certainly not the most exciting or artful of my photos, but it is an interesting plant. The curry leaf tree is not the source of curry powder, and not even the source of […]

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The Indian Menu

Why does it seem that almost every Indian restaurant in the U.S. has the same menu? Tandoori meats, aloo gobi, saag paneer, korma, channa dal (chickpeas in spicy sauce), naan, etc. You know what I mean. These dishes are directly or indirectly part of the Mughal or Mughlai style. But where is the Goan restaurant, […]

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