A Different Kind of Market Report: Wild Ducks and Shorebirds

Canvasback Ducks from Audubon's Birds of America - from NYPL nypl.digitalcollections.919e7c30-c5f9-012f-3108-58d385a7bc34.001.w

Reports from the farmers market and about seasonal food are common today: for example, KCRW’s Good Food has a weekly farmers market report, the San Francisco Chronicle covers seasonal produce in the Sunday Food and Home section, there are apps about seasonal produce for your phone, and guides printed on paper.  I have been following these reports for […]

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During World War One, Some New York Menus Carried a Food Conservation Message

Reducing food consumption on the homefront was a major initiative of the U.S. government during the First World War, even before U.S. troops were fighting “Over There.” The U.S. Food Administration (run by future president Herbert Hoover) spearheaded the effort with promotional posters, outreach to restaurants, public education efforts, encouragement of gardens, and more. Some […]

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Credibles, A Crowd-Funded Pre-Payment Platform

Update, August 2016: Fixed broken links and updated Microplace’s status “If you eat, you’re an investor” is the motto of Slow Money’s entry into the crowd-funding marketplace.  Called Credibles – a word derived from “edible credits” – it joins Kickstarter, Kiva * , the now closed Microplace ** and others as alternative sources of capital […]

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