A KitchenAid hack I’d like to see: the coconut scraper

About 2 weeks ago, David Lebovitz linked to five KitchenAid “hacks”: an ice cream making attachment, flame stickers, a copper bowl, a paddle with built-in scrapers, and a candy coating pan.

I’d like to see a coconut scraper “hack” that would allow me to more easily extract the flesh from a fresh coconut.

Right now I have the “Mother’s Pride” brand scraper, which consists of a suction-cup base, a crank handle, and a Spanish Inquisition-looking scraper. It does OK, but it can be challenging to turn with one hand while carefully maneuvering the coconut half with the other and keeping the leverage just right so that it doesn’t detach from the counter (if I’m chewing gum at the same time, then it’s next to impossible to operate).

I doubt that a coconut scraper hack exists, especially in the lawyer-crazed United States. Can you imagine a lawyer signing off on a product that makes a sharp object spin at face level?

And so I might need to make my own, perhaps by drilling a hole in a square bar of steel and tapping some threads that fit the Mother’s Pride scraper. Or, if anyone nearby has a welder I can borrow…

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  1. Maybe someone will come up with a coconut shredder attachment for an electric drill. It seems a hacksaw would take care of most of the ‘hacking’..

  2. I hadn’t thought about using an electric drill. The chuck would make it really easy to hold the scraper. But how can one hold the coconut half? That’s not easy.

  3. I do like my traditional bench with hand scraper. It works well, if one doesn’t mid squatting on the floor.

  4. brett — thanks for the link to the gadget from Thayabi. Perhaps I’ll try installing my coconut scraper onto my electric drill the next time I work with coconut (after putting a very thick glove onto the coconut holding hand).

  5. You can make one easily enough by using a low speed driller e.g. Bosh electric screw driver – it has sufficient torque for the job.

    Just remove the scrapper blade from your current coconut scrapper and adopt it to electric screw driver. If you're not the DIY type then any friend or the nearest workshop should be able to do the job for you.

    In fact, that is what the guys at thayabi.com did and they are now selling it commercially.


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