A Visit to the Ramen Museum in Yokohama, Japan

(Updated, 12/24/16:  fixed broken links) Real ramen — not the factory-produced product with instant noodles and a powdered flavoring packet, but fresh noodles and painstakingly prepared, flavorful broth — inspires strong feelings. It’s inspired two movies, the cult favorite Tampopo (which I found nearly unwatchable when I last viewed it) and the poorly written and overacted […]

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Bali by bicycle

Banners at family temple in Ayunan, Bali

On my recent trip to Asia, my family chose Bali as one of our side trips for several of reasons — its distinctive culture, the beautiful scenery, and accessibility from Singapore among them.  Beaches were not one of the reasons, so we gravitated towards the inland town of Ubud, one of the cultural centers of […]

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