Cocoa Wafers

Thin cocoa cookies

Alice Medrich, chocolate expert and cookbook author, wrote “Chocolate and the Art of Low-Fat Desserts” during the height of the low-fat craze of the mid-90s. In the book, she tried to completely rethink her recipes to achieve deliciousness with fewer calories and less fat, instead of simply writing a pamphlet that consisted of a few […]

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Eating the Whole Thing: An Orange Cake Recipe

[Updated below] My contribution to the amazing Goose Dinner was a cake I have started calling the “whole orange cake.” When I ran across the recipe on the Singapore-based blog Kuidaore (a blog with phenomenal photography and complex desserts), it immediately caught my attention because it uses the whole orange. Zest, rind, membranes, juice. Everything […]

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Ethereal Orange Sabayon

Orange sabayon with orange segments

  Inspired by citrus, I made an ethereal dessert: orange sabayon with satsuma mandarin sections and sliced almonds. It was light, flavorful, and a beautiful contrast to the sharpness of the mandarins. Sabayon is a relative of the classic Italian zabaglione, which is a light, foamy dessert made with sweet Marsala wine, egg yolks, and […]

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