Liquid Burdock

Summer Beverages from page 172, Good Housekeeping, Volume 9, 1889

Back in June, I wrote about setting up garden infrastructure to grow burdock root (a.k.a. gobo, Arctium lappa) so that I could have a local source for recipes in Elizabeth Andoh’s Kansha: Celebrating Japan’s Vegan and Vegetarian Traditions (my review of the book is here.).  My plants seem to be doing well, with each one […]

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A Piece of the Gold Rush, Fresh from the Oven

(Corrected below, 6/5/10; Updated, 12/26/16, fixed broken links) When you bite into a piece of bread from San Francisco’s Boudin Bakery, you’re biting a piece of the Gold Rush. Founded in 1849 at the beginning of the Gold Rush, the San Francisco bakery has been baking bread since then using essentially the same sourdough starter […]

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The Fish Stick as Post-War Food Icon

The humble fish stick — staple of school lunches and quick weeknight dinners — tells the story of American food since World War II. It tells us about technological innovation, the suburban explosion, America’s love with “the new,” and the major influence of government policy on what we eat. That I learned all of these […]

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Curry Leaves

Murraya koenigii (curry leaf) tree

(Updated 10/2/2016:  fixed broken links)   The above photo of a Murraya koenigii (curry leaf) tree (taken at the Singapore Botanic Gardens) is certainly not the most exciting or artful of my photos, but it is an interesting plant. The curry leaf tree is not the source of curry powder, and not even the source of […]

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