Mole, the Amazing Sauce

Photo from Hummanna, subject to a Creative Commons License. In my Week of Eating post, one of the frequent meals was enmoladas — corn tortillas covered in mole sauce. There are as many recipes and variations for mole as there are cooks. But in general, a mole is a paste of made from some of […]

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Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

Roasted tomatillo salsa

At farmers markets in California, the tomatillo season is similar to tomato season, running from July through October. Tomatillos are slightly sour, sharp and fruity, a combination which is delicious counterpoint to the mellow, round flavors of a corn tortilla and the creaminess of a melting cheese like Monterey Jack. Roasting is an especially good […]

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Mexican Sopes – Step by Step

In Mexican cuisine, there is a large, popular, and delicious class of foods called antojitos (“little whims”). These whims include quesadillas, taquitos, tostadas, and one of my favorite appetizers: sopes. Sopes are little bowls of a corn-based dough that are baked on a griddle and then filled with spicy and savory toppings. They consist of […]

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The Burrito Dissected

Photo of burrito and chips in Taqueria Cancun, San Francisco

Today I’m dissecting a modern San Francisco burrito to reveal a little bit about the origin and history of the ingredients. Europe and Asia contributed wheat, cheese, onions, beef, pork, chicken, and rice; the Americas contributed the tortilla, beans, salsa making techniques, chiles, tomatoes, and avocados. Flour tortilla: The corn tortilla is an ancient food, […]

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The Modern Burrito, a “Fusion Food”

Updated below, 11/3/18: Link to an early article about burritos in the San Francisco Chronicle. The burrito was originally a simple and rustic food—a flour tortilla, rehydrated dried beef, and probably some hot sauce—that was eaten by miners, cowboys, and others who needed portable and nonperishable food for long journeys into the wilderness of Northern […]

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