19th Century Plant Paintings

Pumpkin leaf and blossoms
Vanilla blossom, bean and leaves
Citron leaves, blossom and fruit
Quince fruit, leaves and blossom
Turmeric root, leaves and blossom
Tamarind leaves fruit and blossoms
Lupine Lupine
asafoetida from Flore Medicale by Chaumeton, et al. Apple
absinthe-from-flore-medicale-by-chaumeton-et-al Absinthe

Flore médicale, by François Pierre Chaumeton, Jean Louis Marie Poiret, and Jean Baptist Joseph Anne César Tyrbas de Chamberet. Published by Panckoucke, 1833 (on Google Books from various libraries).

426 hand-colored plates.  Illustrated by E. Panckoucke and P.J.F. Turpin.


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