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Photo of Wagon Train from Wikimedia Commons
Mental Masala has been dark lately because I’ve been busy with projects on other blogs.

I’ll be contributing some posts to the Slow Food Nation blog during the summer. The collection of authors is impressive and diverse, so be sure to add it to your RSS feed or reading list. I’m quite happy with my latest post, which is about eating during the California Gold Rush. I also wrote about a San Francisco company that will turn your backyard into a vegetable garden and do all of the maintenance and harvesting for a weekly fee (the garden owner gets to keep all of the vegetables).

Over at the Ethicurean, I reviewed a research paper that examined whether reducing food miles or changing one’s diet is the more effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I also have something about Wal-Mart’s new local foods gambit (Tom Philpott’s take on the subject is worth reading too), bioplastics (i.e., plastic-like substances that are compostable under the right conditions), and worker safety — or the lack thereof — in the poultry industry.

Finally, at Eat Local Challenge, I have some words and pictures from a tour of Eatwell Farms in Northern California. Below are two photos, the first of a field of lavender (Eatwell sells lavender for use in body products and foods), the second of this year’s wheat harvest.

Photo of lavender field at Eatwell Farm in California

Photo of 19th century wagon train from Wikimedia Commons. Photo of lavender field at Eatwell Farm by the author.

Random link from the archive: The Indian Restaurant Menu

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