Treehugger’s 100-Mile Thanksgiving Challenge

Treehugger, “a fast-growing web magazine, dedicated to everything that has a modern aesthetic yet is environmentally responsible,” just announced the five finalists for their 100-Mile Thanksgiving Menu Challenge. And I’m one of them!

To create my 100 mile Thanksgiving plan, I did not start with a traditional Thanksgiving menu and try to replicate it using local ingredients. Instead, I used my impressions of autumn—cool days, chilly nights, colorful trees—to guide my selections at the Farmers’ Market, wine shop, and cheese shop in Berkeley, California. This is what I came up with:

  • Snacks: almonds, pecans, local cheeses
  • Salad of lettuce and frisee topped with fuyu persimmon and walnuts
  • Wild Mushroom Souffle
  • Braised Chard with Garlic
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Wines: organic Zinfindel from Sobon Estates, unoaked Chardonnay from Granite Springs (both located in El Dorado County)
  • Dessert Crepes Topped with Stewed Apples, Pecans, and Spiced Creme Anglaise

You can find my full menu, more details on the sources of the ingredients, and the menus of the four other finalists over at Treehugger. (the map at the top of the post shows the sources of my ingredients)

If you like what I submitted, please give me your vote here (deadline is midnight on November 23, Eastern Standard Time).

And if you want to keep up with happenings in the world of Green Living, be sure to read Treehugger.

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