Fig Bars Inspired by a Sicilian Cookie

Fig bars with Sicilian Flavors

At the 2016¬†International Food Blogger Conference, a sample from the California Fig Advisory Board reminded me of an X File. Not the famous X-Files TV show, but something far less mysterious and far more delicious. The X file that I remembered is about an X-shaped cookie for which I have a file on my computer. […]

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Cracking the Coconut (Oil) for Pie Crust

The famous vodka-containing pie crust recipe from Cooks Illustrated has been my “go to” crust recipe for a few years (you can find it at Serious Eats). The free form galettes that use it have been crispy and flaky on many occasions, thanks in part to techniques and recipes I learned from books like Lindsey […]

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Recipe: Stovetop Cocoa Pudding

When I have two cups of milk in the refrigerator that is getting close to going bad, I often fall back on a stove top pudding recipe I found on Epicurious a few years ago. It’s perfect as a “use up milk” recipe, as it comes together in a hurry and the dry ingredients are […]

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Kasha crashes my chocolate chunk cookie dough

chocolate chunk cookies

Two years ago, I reported on a failed experiment: an unholy alliance between nutrition and cookies in which I added amaranth seeds (little nutritional powerhouses*) to chocolate chunk cookie batter before baking. The unpleasant results made me wary of such experimentation. Many months later, I received Robin Aswell’s “The New Whole Grains Cookbook” as a […]

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