A War Bread in a Modern Cookbook: Oat Bread

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been baking a “war bread” for quite a while.  My long-time favorite one-day bread is the oat bread in Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. The original recipe is simple, delicious and nutritious, being a single-day bread that is enriched with rolled oats and oat bran.  By […]

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Recipe: Kale and Bean Soup

Kale from Noelle on Flickr 8510410422_d7cd1052a3_o

(Updated 10/30/16: changed photo. 12/11/16: put recipe into WP Recipe Maker) With a thick broth, plump beans, and pleasingly bitter kale, this Tuscan classic is one of my favorite soups. And it’s probably one of the most nutritious dishes that I make, full of healthy ingredients like beans and kale, light on fat, heavy on […]

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Recipe: Squash Soup with Two Add-Ins

A basic squash soup can be delicious on its own, or with a simple garnish of brown butter, chopped sage, or crumbled cheese, to name a few garnishes.  But sometimes you might want a more complicated soup, or more than one flavor combinations for a party. One way to do this is to make a […]

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Plum-apolooza 2012

A family of ravenous house finches nesting on a nearby building and quirky weather in Berkeley were two big blows against my plans to make jam in 2011, and the plum trees in my backyard didn’t produce enough fruit to make even a small batch of jam.  But in 2012, the trees were quite productive, […]

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Recipe: Stovetop Cocoa Pudding

When I have two cups of milk in the refrigerator that is getting close to going bad, I often fall back on a stove top pudding recipe I found on Epicurious a few years ago. It’s perfect as a “use up milk” recipe, as it comes together in a hurry and the dry ingredients are […]

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Indian Dal in the Slow Cooker

Urad dal (black gram)

“Reduce heat and simmer, partially covered, for 4 1/2 – 5 hours,” instructs Julie Sahni in her recipe for buttered black beans (kali dal). Even for the most dedicated home cook, it’s an instruction that is asking for trouble, especially for something thick and viscous like Indian dal. When I made these beans in a […]

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