Maple Syrup Flavors in Two Wild Mushrooms

Lactarius helvus from "Handbook of British Fungi" by Cooke from Wikimedia Commons

(Updated 10/15/16: fixed broken links, removed two photos. 12/10/16: update on candy cap cheesecake)   Some time ago I heard about a mushroom that smells like maple syrup, and given my interest in fenugreek’s maple aroma (Fenugreek’s Flavors, When Fenugreek Leads to a False Diagnosis), I had to find out more. A quick search in […]

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Credibles, A Crowd-Funded Pre-Payment Platform

Update, August 2016: Fixed broken links and updated Microplace’s status “If you eat, you’re an investor” is the motto of Slow Money’s entry into the crowd-funding marketplace.  Called Credibles – a word derived from “edible credits” – it joins Kickstarter, Kiva * , the now closed Microplace ** and others as alternative sources of capital […]

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OPENeducation Celebrates Chez Panisse’s Dedication to Edible Education

(Updated 3/28/15:  new information about the San Francisco Diggers and their namesakes from 17th century England.  12/14/16:  fixed broken links) Some birthday parties are enlivened by a clown, a magician, or a karaoke machine. But when an legendary restaurant like Chez Panisse hits 40 in a creative city like Berkeley, California, you can expect something […]

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